Cheesy Intentions.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the fury of creating resolutions this time of year, even if that’s not really your thing. It’s not mine but I have taken a bit of time to reflect a bit on last year and found it a worthy venture to actively set some intentions. I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately and I’m hoping that actively facing this feeling with actions will help me in the coming months.

These aren’t really resolutions, per se. More of guiding philosophies. I will look back on these as I make decisions about my life and what I want to see in it. I’m often so full of ideas but none of them even come to fruition because I get overwhelmed and quit them all. As I’m thinking about the coming year, I feel that same sense of overwhelm and hopefully, laying these guidelines down will easily decipher which decisions are really what I want to see in my life. Also, laying it out so publicly lends a bit of accountability though I know none of you will question me as harshly as I question myself.

  1. Actively look for more possibilities for creative endeavors that could lead to making money or the perfect job.

  2. Continue to embrace my community of cheese loving people.

  3. Find more organization in my daily life so I can be productive AND creative.

  4. Explore more of my city so I can really feel like it’s home and not a stopover to another destination.

  5. Travel with intention for learning and growing.

  6. To delve deeper in to my knowledge and expand it by reading/listening/watching the people I consider to be industry experts.

  7. Visit more small producers to tell their stories and to get the inside view of creating a food business.

  8. Create more. Take more pictures, write more, maybe try pottery, just CREATE.

Clearly, I’m feeling the need for creation in all the ways that I can even if that means creating my own path in my industry. I’ve already done a pretty good job of that but what more can I do? What can I create that keeps me positioned in my industry and fulfills my yearning for creativity? These are the questions I need to figure out.

Here’s a question for all you readers out there: What would you like to see in this space? What topics should I cover? What do you feel is not being covered enough? I have my own ideas about that but I would love your input!

Thanks for following along on my journey and I hope we cross paths somewhere along the way!