Full Circle But Far From Where I Started.

 What a year it has been! Traveling, selling jam, and eating so much cheese! I've visited shops around the country that I have been following on social media for years and I've connected with people in the cheese world I never thought that I would get to form a relationship with. I've also been able to work for a company that I believe in and for people that I truly enjoyed working for. That's why I'm sad to say that my time with Quince and Apple is coming to an end.

 Small producers have to make hard decisions all the time. From packaging supplies to employment, their days are constantly filled with making decisions that directly affect every part of the business. Sometimes, what's right for a certain time frame doesn't carry on in to the future. Sadly, my employment wasn't sustainable for the business. The possibility of this being a short termed thing was there from the beginning. I knew it could and very well might be the case. It was a very hard reality for all involved. 

 While I tried to add value in the best ways I knew how, I personally walk away from this experience a better, more rounded monger and cheese professional. I have a better understanding of the breadth and challenges of being a nationally distributed small producer . I've learned about supermarket chains I never knew existed. I have a better understanding of the logistical difficulties in transporting products from one place to another. Most of all though, I've learned what it's like to work for a company that truly cares about the products they make and the people that work for them. I get to walk away saying that I got to have my dream job.

 Now, do I wish it had lasted longer? Sure, I'm a creature of habit! I stayed with my last company for 14 years and I probably should have left after the 10 year mark. Honestly, it's probably best that it's over now before complacency had set in and that something good turned in to something I needed to get out of. It can now forever remain a positive time in my life.

 I still have some time left with Q&A but my focus is going to be on being more active with this site again. I've been feeling like I haven't been harnessing my creative juices enough and I need to get back in the practice of writing regularly. I'll also be actively looking for another job but I have a whole 10 days in Pittsburgh for the ACS conference coming up and a few things like Counter Culture lined up after that. 

So, while I'm sad, I'm also grateful, excited, wistful, appreciative, optimistic, indebted, heartbroken, and just so full of feelings. I'm going to feel them all and then be in the warm embrace of my chosen industry. 

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