Midwest Moments: The Finale

In all of my travels there tends to be times that don't necessarily require a full blog post but I still feel deserve a mention because they contribute to the overall feel of a trip. Here are some of those moments from the Midwest. Underground Meats:

A butcher, a restaurant, a catering company, and a salumeria comprise the UnderGround Food Collective. Based in Madison, WI, this collective does it all! Honestly, it just makes sense. They can do whatever you may need all while delivering quality, handmade product. I didn't get the chance to visit the restaurant and the butcher since my time in Madison was short, but the Underground Meats facility is in the same building as Quince and Apple so it was an easy trek to see what they are doing.

Aging meat is not unlike aging cheese in many ways. Fermentation and mold are the backbones of the processes and temperature and humidity controlled rooms are vital to aging. It's always cool to see companies on the verge of big things and I would classify Underground Meats in that category. With a recent big announcement of their expansion, I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of what they have to offer in the future.

Monger Moments:

One of the reasons I was so excited to go to Chicago was because a good faction of my #MongerHaus happened to reside there (and we had a surprise visitor from Canada also!). This meant there was lots of time spent together and one of the best nights was when we got use of the 24th floor of the building that Pastoral is in. We did an impromptu beer and cheese tasting and it was a glorious night to be outside. I mean, 70 degrees in February, in Chicago, rarely happens. We soaked up every moment we could.


Thanks to Randall, Tom, Erin, my husband, and Kelsie for the good times and being ok with me shooting entirely too many pictures.