San Francisco Days: WFFS & CMI

Phew. I'm tired y'all. Like the kind of tired that makes you go to bed before dinner but I'm also inspired. The kind of inspired that has me planning trips to see producers and tell their stories. I've got some fun stuff lined up but first we should delve in to the world of Food Shows. Last year was my first experience at the Winter Fancy Food show and I feel like I wandered around looking scared. It's HUGE. Thousands of foodstuffs in multiple halls competing for your attention. It was so overwhelming that after a short walk around, I just stayed in the cheese area because that's where all my friends were and the only place I felt I belonged.

This year I got to work with one of my favorite producers, Quince and Apple. It's a different world working behind the scenes in something like this. Thousands of people looking at what you have and talking non stop. It's fun and invigorating though the hours on your feet are long. It starts to feel a bit like summer camp because you get to see all of your friends every day and make a ton of new ones. Walking down the aisles, saying good morning to everyone as they busily prep for the day is one of my favorite things about the show. It becomes a mini city of food and like any good neighborhood, you get to know your neighbors well. The sense of community that permeates the show is why I continue to be involved.

This week entailed more than just that though. There was also the Cheesemonger Invitational which is a duel to the death between cheesemongers. Ok, ok, nobody dies but these kids get to show off their stuff in a series of tests that challenge their knowledge and creativity. It's a big cheese party and everyone is invited! Since I was busy working upstairs I didn't get to take many pictures but I was able to capture this little video of the perfect bites before they were devoured.

[wpvideo i6YzmlJU]



This is really the tiniest snapshot of what my week looked like. I spent three days working the Fancy Food Show and CMI was on Sunday night but soooooo much more happened this last week.

You'll have to stay tuned for more updates and producer profiles! I promise it will be worth the wait!