Seattle Ice Cream Festival 2016

I'm going to tell you the honest truth. I'm not a huge fan of milk. I know, seems a bit crazy for someone as obsessed with cheese as I am, but it's true. My brothers, growing up, drank a gallon of milk between the two of them a DAY but I only occasionally indulged to douse my cereal for the sweet goodness at the end of the bowl. Now, there are a few ways that I think milk is in its truest and most delicious forms and they are cheese, butter, and ICE CREAM. Needless to say, when my friend Kurt Timmermeister from Kurtwood Farms announced the first annual Seattle Ice Cream Festival, I had to be there. Kurt opened Kurt Farm Shop last year to my absolute delight. He takes milk from his Jersey cows and mixes it with the flavors of the farm (or those nearby!) to make the most decadent and delicious ice cream being made in Seattle right now. He also has a small cheese case with a selection of cheese from his favorite local producers. It's tucked away in Chophouse Row in the corridor between 11th and 12th ave and it may be slightly difficult to find but you'll be glad when you find it.


The morning of the festival seemed a bit dreary and I was worried that it was going to rain the entire time but as the morning went on the clouds burned off and it was sunshine throughout the festival. I showed up early at about 11:45am and some of the trucks were already pulled up with people milling about.


This is one of those instances that I'm glad my mother taught me to be early for everything. It didn't take long for the street to fill up with people and to make it nearly impossible to move around, let alone get a cone. Seeing as this was the inaugural event and still early in the season, no one was prepared for the onslaught that came in droves. I mean, I knew Seattle liked their ice cream since they have no problems standing in long lines for Molly Moon's but I wasn't expecting the amounts that actually showed. Looks like the Second Annual will have to be a bigger production!

I did get my cone after all.


Oh yeah, this was my first outing with a fancy new camera so while my iPhone worked well, I decided it was time to up the ante in the photo department. I can already tell a huge difference and I hope y'all appreciate the better quality!