Year of the Cheese Plate: DeLaurenti Food and Wine

This is the first in my series critiquing cheese plates at restaurants. Please refer to THIS post for the parameters.

Full disclosure, I’ve been working at DeLaurenti for the last couple of months. Honestly, that’s why I chose it first because taking a picture was easy. Also, I think it’s a darn good plate! I do know that I’m cheating a bit since DeLaurenti is more of a cafe than a restaurant but I’m going with it. There will be cheese shops that I will inevitably get a cheese plate from so we will just roll with this.

DeLaurenti Food and Wine is an Italian market directly in the mouth of Pike Place Market. It boasts one of the largest and best cheese cases on the West Coast (if not the country!) so it just makes sense that the cheese board would be good.

The deets:

Cost: $25

-Two cheeses (Dinah, a cow’s milk, soft ripened from Kurtwood Farms on Vashon Island and Pecorino Crotonese, a Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese), two meats (Speck, a smoked and seasoned meat similar to prosciutto and the Toscano from Olli salami), baguette slices, and a small ramekin of house marinated olives

-Can be served there (up to an hour before closing) on a beautiful wood board or it can be taken to go in a box.

Since you order from your cheesemonger, they can go into detail about what’s represented on the board. The board doesn’t change it’s components regularly but you can always add more cheese/meat at an additional cost. It’s a very pleasing board for most people’s tastes since nothing is too strong. It’s just easy snacking and consistent.

We do get the question often about switching up the components and while at times I wish we could, it’s just not feasible. It’s a VERY busy counter. You can definitely order different things for the board but the pricing structure will change and will cost you more.

At the end of the day, it’s a quick and consistent nosh in Pike Place Market.

Plate of deliciousness!

Plate of deliciousness!

Have you have The Board? Did you love it? Tell me about it in the comments!

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