There is one thing you can be sure of at the beginning of Spring and that thing is a plethora of BABY GOATS. Now, I don't know how anyone can not love the absolute adorableness of a baby anything, but goats really are something special. They are just so playful and cute. I'm always a sucker for the possibility of snuggling with a little goat pal. It's often that farms will have 'open farm days' around this time to get people out to see the farm and to unload some of the plentiful cheese and excess baby goats. It's really a win-win for all involved. Mountain Lodge Farms is nestled in the Cascade foothills just a couple hours south of Seattle. They raise Nigerian Dwarf and La Mancha goats and make cheese with the milk from their herd and occasionally they mix in some cow's milk from a neighboring farm. The goats are quite spoiled with a state of the art barn and the opportunity to browse on the countryside daily. It's a rather magnificent place.



 Thankfully, I have friends that are just as obsessed with baby goats as I am so I enlisted my good friend,Wren, to join me on a goat snuggling mission. Wren is a Graphic Designer by day but a burgeoning photographer on nights and weekends so when given the opportunity to capture some photos, she happily obliged. I don't think she quite knew what she was getting herself into though.


Mountain Lodge lets you get pretty cozy with the babies. They have staff on hand to keep an eye out for when the babes are getting tired of all the attention, but honestly, I think most of the babies love it.

We didn't just snuggle goats though. We tried some of the delightful cheese being made right there. I walked away with a tub of their fresh chevre because the lightness of the texture is something I can snack on pretty much anytime and I grabbed a chunk of their Wonderland, which is a mountain style tomme that has a nice nuttiness.

It's well worth the time spent to drive down there.

If you want to make a trek to Mountain Lodge you still have one more chance for the season. June 11th from 1-3pm.

Mountain Lodge Farms

All pictures were taken and provided by Wren Bentley (unless noted). Find her at A Bird of Passage . Keep an eye out there because she is now a part of the photography team at the Woodland Park Zoo and she has a huge vacation planned to Africa in September. I can't wait to see all the amazing pics that she is bound to take in the next few months!

I'll leave you with a Llama until next time!


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