Ever have one of those days where you have casual plans that you are looking forward to but they all crumble to pieces? Yeah, that was yesterday for me. I spent Saturday evening in Vancouver BC and although I thought about hitting up a cheese shop that night, I decided to spend time with my dear friends instead. I figured it would be easy enough to stop by a shop on my way out of town. Yeah, I didn't realize there was a marathon happening in the neighborhood that the cheese shop was in. My dreams of smuggling actual Brie de Meaux across the border were dashed by crazy amounts of traffic.

No problem, right? I figured I would just stop in Bellingham since I've heard there are some great places there though I knew no Brie de Meaux would be had. I did assume that since there are so many cheesemakers up north that I would come across some magical shop that was filled to the brim with locally made cheese from places like Ferndale Farmstead, Gothberg Farms, Appel Farms, or Samish Bay Farms. Sadly, I didn't find this dream place. To be fair though, I didn't plan this part of the trip so I was going on quick Yelp searches. I did stop at a place called Perfectly Paired and though it was a cute shop in a cute neighborhood it was more of a wine bar. I can't say I was impressed with their cheese selection either. It was a bit pedestrian for my tastes. I will go back to Bellingham at some point to hang out in that neighborhood though. Basically, I failed to do anything for Raw Milk Appreciation Day. (My cheese drawer is still filled with raw milk cheese from my last post so there is that!) I feel it is so important to continue supporting traditional practices like the use of raw milk in cheese making. In the US we have so few cheese traditions that we get away with being innovative with new creations but there are practices that are thousands of years old and if we can use those practices to create something wonderful and delicious why wouldn't we do that? I eat both pasteurized and raw milk cheese but I do find that there is a considerable flavor difference in a lot of raw milk cheese. I just want the option to decide for myself!

The moral of this story, plan your trips or you will be sorely disappointed and eat some raw milk cheese. Also, I found that not enough places are serving soft serve ice cream using local milk. I've been on a soft serve kick since my time in Provincetown last summer and the cone I got in the Bay Area that used buffalo milk. This needs to change.


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