I'm not one for large groups of people so even though we've lived in Seattle for about three years, there is only a handful of times that I've been to Pike Place Market. Now that I work closer to downtown it's not such a trek to stop by for a holiday celebration like grilled cheese day. My husband was a reluctant participant at first but melted cheese always has a way of convincing him of doing what I want.  First stop, Beecher's Handmade Cheese.  

  They had posted on their facebook page that they were featuring their Mac'n'cheese grilled cheese today. I expected there to be lines out the door but it was pretty quick, painless, and delicious. 

   Oh yeah, baby. 

It's always fun to watch what's happening through the windows at Beecher's and it's often many peoples only experience watching the cheese making process. 

   Stacking those curds!

  A handsome dude checking out a large vat. 

 After we inhaled our sandwiches we wandered down to see what was happening in the other cheese places around the market. We stopped by Quality cheese and DeLaurenti's.  

  DeLaurenti's is the top right corner. 

I picked up some tasty treats.  

 I am not only a cheese fiend but I'm also a butter connoisseur.  This is one of the best and if you ever see that package I would be disappointed in you if you didn't grab it. Le Jeune Autise is from the same company and is a goat Morbier. Morbier is distinctive with its layer of vegetable ash but this cheese being made from goat milk makes it all the more special. Smooth texture with a slight tang reminiscent of fresh toasted nuts, this cheese sits pleasantly on your palate for a while. 

I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab a hunk of L'Amuse Gouda. If you are going for a Gouda, you better grab the best on the market and this is it. 

 I hope that I've made you crave some gooey, goodness and you decide to take some time to procure yourself a tasty grilled cheese today. You deserve it. 

A Certified Cheese Professional living the cheesy life.