New Beginnings

I've always been the type that has never settled for anything especially when it comes to my happiness. I've pushed myself to the far corners of this country because I wasn't happy with myself or what I was doing and even though it scared me to do it I finally changed my place of work after 14 years. When I first started with WF I didn't expect it to last as long as it did. I was really only trying to use it as a vehicle to move back home to the Portland area. Once I accomplished that though I found a home in the world of cheese. It took me a minute to grasp but once the love fully took hold it couldn't be denied. I spent the rest of my career with WF fully entrenched in this world and it's been the best community I could ask for.

For the moment my role in the world of cheese is still there but in a smaller capacity so I've decided it was time to tell my stories. I've travelled quite extensively to visit producers and a cheese shop is always on my list of must see places when I visit anywhere. I love to taste the local flavor and I strongly believe that cheese is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that. I've had a few trips already this year with a few more planned so I hope you will join me on my adventures!

A Certified Cheese Professional living the cheesy life.